France witnesses the maximum number of foreign tourists almost every year. It is one of the most visited countries in the world. France is filled with history, culture, art, wine, landscapes, adventure, and fashion. France never fails to disappoint the tourists. It has everything that a traveler could think of. Not only does France offer rich history and art, but it also offers some of the best beaches for surfers, snow-clad peaks for skiers, perfect spots for honeymooners, Michelin starred restaurants for food lovers, and much more.

One of the popular cities in France is Paris. It is home to the real gem, Eiffel tower. The city has a great culture, food, fashion, and architecture. You would have some of the best museums in the world if you decided to visit Paris. If you are an art buff, The Louvre temple is for you. It has the most famed portrait of Mona Lisa. The Louvre is perhaps one of the most visited museum in the world. It is also a perfect destination for honeymooners.

The city also hosts many music festivals in the world. You must visit the Parisian area if you are a religious person and a lover of architecture. Bordeaux tour is a must for wine lovers. You will love every inch of the place. Visit this famous and beautiful destination to create beautiful memories.