Germany is a country capable of exciting just about every traveler irrespective of their interests and choices. This diverse country has a lot of attractions and has many options for the adventure seekers. Travelers have a lot of options. Reeperbahn is a perfect choice which is situated in St. Pauli District. The capital of Germany offers the nightlife that you might be seeking. You will find a handful of theaters, bars, and other spots that would make your nightlife beautiful. In pubs and bars, you will get the popular and well-known beers that you might have heard of.

The Danube river is also a great attraction for tourists just like other German rivers. The Moselle, Elbe and the Rhine rivers flow inside the borders. This provides a great view for the tourists. German history will hold you captive. The well-known historic cities, castles would leave you breathless. The landscapes of Germany are just spectacular.

All these amazing things about Germany would make you want to stay longer in the country. For adventure seekers, Germany has Mt. Zugspitze, the tallest mountain in Germany. You can attempt to climb the mountain and have a great time in the country.