Spain is a perfect blend of natural and man-made wonders. It depicts how life can be celebrated in festivals and food. From great engineering works to delicious local food, the trip to Spain makes a vacation of a lifetime. The country has a rich history and culture. You would fall in love with the architecture of the country. The country has some of the great and historical buildings. There are many things you can do in Spain. Live your life in La Tomatina while you are in Spain.

This is a much-awaited event and this event is mainly held in Valencia. It all starts with a huge feast in Paella. And the next morning, you have tomatoes in your hand. You are throwing it on everyone’s faces. It is a lot of fun. Some popular ski resort you would come across is the Sierra Nevada ski resorts. The mountainous landscape of the place makes it a perfect place for skiing. Visit the resort to witness the scenic landscape of beaches and breathtaking mountains.

This ski resort is proved to be one of the best ski resort in the world. Alhambra in Granada is a treat to watch. This iconic structure is an excellent depiction of Islamic architecture. The structure is breathtaking. Visit Spain and live your dreams.