Terms and Conditions

Welcome to www.travelongo .com. These terms and conditions (“terms of use”) apply to you right the moment you access to and use Travelongo : its services, products, and contents. This is a legal agreement between you and travelongo .com You must read all the information carefully as you agree to these terms and conditions while accessing or using any services or products or contents of Travelongo .

Traveler’s Name Policy:

You agree to enter your First and last Name, appears on your ID proof, issued by Government while booking flight tickets. The ID proof may be your Driving License, Passport, or other acceptable forms of identification depending on your type of journey (Domestic/International). Name once entered will not be changed. Certain 'Typo Error' (Name Correction) however, is allowed, depending on Airline terms of use, and charges would be applicable accordingly.

Conditions For Fare Changes:

All Tickets are not guaranteed until ticketed. The fare may change as revised by the Airline company or dealer anytime even after the confirmation of a reservation. Travelongo will inform you about the fare changes if made without assuming any responsibility - financial or otherwise for any such fare changes made by the supplier. Travelongo will inform you about the new fare. And at that point of time you may – depending on your requirement - either purchase or cancel the product or service at the new cost. You can cancel the booking at no cost in case there is increase in fare before ticketing and your card being charged. You will be charged nothing if you cancel such a booking.

Payment Policy:

1 Travelongo accepts Debit Cards and Credit Cards issued from Canada, USA or any other country around the world

2 All prices are shown in U.S. dollars

3 Travelongo may divide your total charge into two parts: Taxes and Airline Base. But, the combined total amount will be the same as authorized and quoted by you at the time of booking

4 Prices exclude baggage fees of airline

5 Tickets are guaranteed only after the ticketing is completed. The tickets will not be guaranteed upon submission of payment. In case, your credit card payment fails to proceed due to any reason, Travelongo will notify you about this within 24 hours.

Third Party and International Cards Payment:

In case you are using an International Debit Card or Credit while purchasing Air Tickets for personal journey, or for somebody else, you need to have some specific documents for processing passenger E-Tickets. Documents required for the same have been mentioned below.

1 A complete ‘Credit Card Authorization Form’

2 A copy of identity proof issued by Government with front and back side which has photograph and signatures

3 Front and back side of Debit & Credit card with signature display of the card owner

4 Airline Ticket price are not guaranteed until ticketed.

5 For more information, you can contact Travelongo at support@travelongo .com

Credit Card Declines:

On Credit Card being declined while processing your transaction, Travelongo will notify you about this by emailing you at your valid email id within 24 to 48 hours. In this case, neither the transaction will be processed nor the fare and any other booking details will be guaranteed.

Documents Requirement on Travel Time:

If you travel internationally, you agree to keep in your possession and carry all essential travel documents including/ but not limited to, visa, passport, and advanced parole etc. You are responsible of getting information about the travel restrictions in order to determine and carry all required travel documentation ahead of the travel date as may be necessary. Neither Travelongo nor its agents have any responsibility to provide you answers to your specific questions related to travel documentation requirements.

Cancellations and Exchanges:

For all cancellation and exchanges, you agree to request at least 24 hours before scheduled departure. All flight tickets bought from the Travelongo are 100% non-refundable. You, however, reserve the right to entertain refund or exchange if allowed by the airline fare rules associated with the ticket(s) issued to you. Your ticket (s) may be refunded or exchanged for the original purchase price after the deduction of applicable airline penalties, and any fare difference between the original fares paid and the fare associated with the new ticket(s). Furthermore, Travelongo has the right to charge a Change/Refund fees. Travelongo has no control over airline penalties associated with refunds or exchanges.

If you travel internationally, you may often be offered to travel in more than one airline. Each airline has formed its own set of fare rules. If more than one set of fare rules are applied to the total fare, the most restrictive rules will be applicable to the entire booking.

Airline Schedule changes policy:

Every individual airline company has different rules and policies for schedule changes. Meals, Seats, Frequent Flyer, Baggage’s & Other Special Requests: You are requested to send an email at support@travelongo .com or call us at 1-888-275-8660 for any query. Customer service executives at Travelongo are available 24x7/365 days.

Unaccompanied Minor:

Thanks for spending your valuable time and using www.travelongo .com. By using www.travelongo .com, you agree with the aforesaid ‘Terms of Use’. If you don’t agree with any of the conditions, you must avoid using the site.

1 In some airlines, unaccompanied minors are allowed to travel without an adult

2 In some airlines, unaccompanied minors may travel on non-stop flights

3 In some airlines, you may require to pay some additional fees at check-in

4 For detailed information, you must call the airline directly

Thanks for spending your valuable time and using www.travelongo .com. For using the website, you are mandated to agree with the aforesaid ‘Terms of Use’. If you are reluctant or don’t agree with any of the conditions, please don’t use the Travelongo website or buy its services.