Budget Tourist Recreation Places

Many people are looking for low-cost tourist destinations, but not everyone knows what wonderful corners of our planet you can visit not expensively! Sometimes you really want to visit beautiful places, but these places can greatly facilitate the wallet. Here are a few tourist destinations that bring an unforgettable experience without tangible costs: Turkish Riviera … Read more

The Main Tourist Places Of Australia And Azerbaijan

The Main Tourist Places Of Australia Great Barrier Reef        The national park is spread over a vast territory, and is a unique miracle of nature. There are many endangered species of fish and marine animals in coastal waters. The Great Barrier Reef is a real eden for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Cairns – the … Read more

The Main Tourist Places Of Burundi And Austria

The Main Tourist Places Of Burundi Karera Waterfalls  The Karera River, falling from a cliff 80 meters high, is divided into four powerful and beautiful waterfalls. The river flows through the reserve, where the fountains that form the lakes are located. Since ancient times, the entire territory of Karera Falls has been considered sacred, and … Read more

15 places worth visiting before they are flooded with tourists 2020

To relax on vacation, we often choose popular places to travel. And for some reason we think: “Where there are a lot of tourists, it’s good there,” but this is not always true. In the world there are a large number of truly paradise towns that are not very popular among travelers. Bright Side chose … Read more

35 Amazing Places In The World, Little Known To Most Tourists

Tourist flows wash the Coliseum and the Eiffel Tower, hotels in Antalya and the Maldives, but there are places in the world that are clearly underestimated by the tourism industry. And this is great! There are much fewer people there than on trampled tourist routes, but at the same time they are no less beautiful … Read more