A Visit To Skardu Pakistan

Since youth I had a fantasy to visit the excellent Northern Area town of Skardu. I arranged it ordinarily yet the plans couldn’t appear because of some explanation. At that point, as it occurred, the outing to Skardu was arranged and executed on an exceptionally a spur of the moment announcement when the two of us were not getting it.

I was to meet my lifetime companion Riz in his office in Islamabad to bade him goodbye as he was returning to U.S. in the wake of investing a fruitful energy as CEO USF. I arrived at Riz’s place on Tuesday, 3oth July 2019 at 1430 by Bus from Lahore subsequent to winding my way through pleasant slopes of the Salt Range. Riz was thoughtful enough for sending me his driver and he requested that I go to his home and have a lunch. I disclosed to him that I need to visit a companion to reclaim my baggage so Riz recommended to drop me off first at his home and stop by metro transport around evening time. I concurred. In the wake of meeting my companion, I gathered my gear and riding metro came to Riz living arrangement at 2030 where I was informed that Riz was hanging tight for me since 1930.

He met me with common bow school days enthusiasm and we had a magnificent supper. Later I revealed to him that I needed to visit PTCL Headquarters tomorrow that is Wednesday 31st July 2019. Out of nowhere, during our discussion during supper, Riz revealed to me that one of his companions had a visit of Northern Areas and they are great. Riz said that he had some time those days and we both may visit Skardu from thu. through sat. that is first to third August 2019. I was thrilled since it resembled a little glimpse of heaven. I immediately consented to the proposition. On the next morning, after a great deal of downpour from late night to around 0900 his driver dropped me at PTCL Hqs where I visited a few of my long-term companions and partners and ate with them.


We began right on time from Riz place at 0900 as the flight was at 1045 and arrived at the new Islamabad air terminal at 0945. We took the ticket and arrived at the holding up relax by 1010 am. We loaded onto the plane by 1025 which took off precisely at 1050. The landscape, following a couple of moments of flight, was outlandish and amazing as we were flying over snow caped high mountains. The commander saw us K2’s snow caped top, at that point following a couple of moments we took a sharp right turn for arriving at Skardu air terminal and afterward the plane began losing stature forcefully. As a matter of fact, flying at 8700 m for a simple 40 min flight is excessively. The plane took around 2-3 pivot Skardu city and afterward just it had the option to arrive on the run way.

The view beneath was stunning with Indus and sand and houses and a few trees… At any rate when we handled, no sooner did we emerge from the aero plane than we both were spellbound by the environmental factors of the Skardu air terminal. Simply overlooking the transport that was there to get us, I and Riz began taking snaps of delightful mountains in general. A while later, we took the second round of transport and afterward emerged from the air terminal where an individual was there to get us from our Hotel. We arrived at our Hotel shortly since the inn was very close to the air terminal. We set aside some effort to new us up and afterward quickly took the way to the Deosai fields which end up being a 3 hours venture. We began at around 1300 and came to Deosai legitimate at 1600. It was freezing up at Deosai.

The fields are most elevated on the planet after Tibet and are arranged at a stature of 14000 feet, around 6000 feet over the Skardu city. We took out our light coats however it was still freezing. It was additionally pouring and that additional to the virus. At the point when we took a gander at the environmental factors, It appeared as though we have arrived at a pixie land. There were green tenderly moving slopes all around will blossoms and puffy mists contacting the slopes. We took there a serious snap and afterward began followed the return way to Skardu at around 1600. On our return venture, we met the brilliant Sadpara lake with its turquoise water and the rapid breeze that was blowing surrounding it which I actually recall.

We at that point passed by the hydroelectric force plant of Skardu which provided power to Skardu city. In the wake of going through a few streams at which Riz halted the jeep each an ideal opportunity to wash his face with the new and frosty virus water of which he was a lot of partial to; we came to Skardu city and took a decent supper of chikan boneless handi ( boneless Chicken ) at one of the neighborhood eateries which was a standout amongst other I ate to date.


The subsequent Day was the second of August 2019. The sky was clear, not surprisingly, at Skardu since Skardu lies outside the impact of the storm. As we were a lot of tired the day preceding so we chose to attempt the complimentary breakfast at our lodging. The morning meal was decent. In the wake of taking breakfast it was at that point 1030. Presently before burning through any further time, we began towards upper Kachura Lake. It has a wonderful view and the route prompting it is brimming with streams, cascades and lakes. We did a ton a photography at a portion of the scaffolds based on these mountain streams.

At the point when we arrived at upper Kachura lake we rested for a couple of moments at that point swam through the super cold water kindness Riz ( Riz got a kick out of the chance to swim through as of now and I being hesitant was pushed towards the water by him). It was an encounter that can’t be articulated. Later we had a delectable lunch of new trout fish. By the manner in which I ate Trout without precedent for my life. It was straight from the waters and it was heavenly. In the wake of going through an hour or two at this spot we began for lower Kachura lake which is close by a good ways off of 30 minutes. We stopped our jeep in the stopping territory and strolled for around 10 minutes or so to arrive at the lower Kachura lake which we discovered to be as wonderful as the first however with offices of sailing, swimming and so on. We took a speedboat and requested that the boatman go moderate so we can more readily appreciate the landscape around the lake.

We had secured about a large portion of a separation when Riz asked the vessel man to stop and let us drop almost a lot of trees. As we escaped the pontoon and began ascending the mountain brimming with trees it was the most enchanting experience. Despite the fact that the climb was very steep yet the scent around spread by the nearby spices and the area of the lake from the mountain made the climbing experience a memorable memory. About an hour of rising and drop we called the boatman who got us from the climbing spot and back to the drifting point. We had a lunch of trout on our excursion back which was scrumptious of course.

Our next excursion was Shangri-La spot which took us around 15 minutes to reach. It’s a wonderful counterfeit spot made to be delighted in with the family. It has private lofts and decent eateries. It has a lake around which the lodgings and cafés are set is particularly wonderful yet fairly damaged by human intercession and contamination. We remained there for around 2 hours and afterward got back to our inn to take some rest. As we were worn out deeply, we chose to eat in the lodging.


Since we had a trip back to Islamabad at 1245 so as to reach Skardu air terminal at any rate on hour sooner at 1145, we needed to get up and start our excursion very early if we somehow managed to see the excellent Shigar valley in detail. Shigar valley is a lovely valley a ways off of 80 km or one and half hours by street from our inn at Skardu. We began at 0730 toward the beginning of the day and by around 0815 we were passing by the COLD DESERT region of Skardu. It is exceptionally fascinating that in spite of the fact that this region of Pakistan is acclaimed for its cool climate in summer yet it is so dry and the precipitation so pitiful that a few pieces of it have been changed over to virtual deserts! The sand ridges were much the same as the Cholistan desert of the Punjab or the Thar desert of Sind. The main contrast being that this one was a cool one. Following a half hour or so we arrived at a spot on a scaffold where it was composed that it is the passageway to Shigar.

In the wake of intersection it and taking a turn we arrived at a spot which is called Shigar see point from where entire Shigar valley can be seen. From a separation the valley gives off an impression of being a desert garden in a desert. After this point the street tenderly plummets and as we enter the lovely Shigar valley we first pass by the delightful 17 th century mosque worked by one of the Rajas of the Shigar Valley and afterward the winding street drives us to the popular Shigar fortress, when a fortification of a Raja of Shigar. It was remodeled by Agha Khan III and now it is procured by a five star inn organization and is being run as a business inn. As the fortress opens at 1000 and it was just 0930 so we were unable to see the fortification in detail and upon demand we were permitted to take an overall perspective on the Fort.

It was a decent one with lovely rooms made for the eminence. Inevitably we came out and took a decent breakfast at a lovely spot over a surging waterway stream simply ignoring the Fort. It was at that point 1000 hours now so we chose to re-visitation of our inn close to the Skardu Airport. On our way back, close to the City I halted for some frozen yogurt, my powerless point, and Riz took some milk shake with falooda. We at that point continued directly to the inn took the gear and arrived at the Airport precisely at 1145. In the wake of checking in and loading up and so on, we are in the plane which took off at 1255. Up in the mists, after some time, we could see the pinnacle of Nangaparbat. A while later disregarding Mansehra, Abbotabad and Havelian, the Plane began its plunge. What a plunge it was. All things considered, to fly at 8700 meters in a 40 minutes flight is excessively. It took the skipper around 10 minutes and 2-3 circles around Islamabad air terminal to land finally at the runway. It was presently 1440 and Riz driver was at that point standing by to take us directly to our homes in Lahore, Thanks to Riz for his kindness.

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