The Main Tourist Places Of Australia And Azerbaijan

The Main Tourist Places Of Australia

Great Barrier Reef       

The national park is spread over a vast territory, and is a unique miracle of nature. There are many endangered species of fish and marine animals in coastal waters. The Great Barrier Reef is a real eden for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Cairns – the resort offers tourists to visit the butterfly park, relax on the ideal beaches and enjoy the amazing nature. It will be interesting to go on a trip along the 7.5 km cable car stretched over the rainforest.

Daintree – a national park with endangered ancient rainforests, amazing flowers and animals. It also includes waterfalls, gorges, Cape of Misfortune and aboriginal villages.

Blue Mountains

The area of ​​the national park is dotted with cliffs and valleys, but the name “Blue Mountains” has earned because of the bluish haze that emanates from eucalyptus forests. The air is filled with essential oils and is healing. The highest mountain is Victoria.

There are hiking trails in the national park. The park is home to many unique animals and plants, some of which you can directly get to know and observe them in a natural environment. The Blue Mountains are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are a conservation area, as they demonstrate the species diversity and evolutionary development of Australia’s eucalyptus forests. Extremals will like the cable car stretched between the rocks or hiking mountain trails.

Ayers Rock Red Rock

A rock is called the largest stone in the world – just imagine – about 350 meters in height! The place has been sacred since ancient times and a place of worship for Aboriginal people. The mountain changes color throughout the day depending on the lighting. You can climb to the top of the cliff with a guide. Around the cliffs are beautiful desert landscapes that require special attention. And not far from the cliff you can see an unusual sacred place, which is formed by several natural figures.

The Main Tourist Places Of Azerbaijan

Mud Volcanoes

Almost half of all mud volcanoes in the world are in Azerbaijan – both on the islands, and on the coast and in the sea. A mud volcano is a sight that causes delight and fear at the same time, and the landscapes formed by such volcanoes would be perfect for making science fiction films. At first glance, it may seem that the flowing mud flows are red-hot, like lava, but this is not so – they are just warm and serve wellness purposes. The most important mud volcanoes are under state protection. Volcanoes can be reached with a guide who will show you the most interesting and colorful places, or on your own – along hiking routes.

Maiden Tower in Baku  

This tower, 28 meters high, is overgrown with legends and traditions – each resident of Baku will be able to tell at least a dozen. From the top of the mysterious tower offers amazing views of the old city. It is not known for certain – by whom, when and why the Maiden Tower was built. Only some signs suggest her age. For example, above the entrance, much later, after construction, a plate with an inscription was built in, which can be attributed to the twelfth century. At the moment, the Maiden Tower is included in the UNESCO heritage lists and is a unique and recognizable symbol of Baku.

Palace of Sheki Khans

In the distant past, the palace was the residence of Sheki khans. Nowadays, the palace has been turned into a museum, which is the crown of Azerbaijani architecture. The palace building is two-story, and its uniqueness is the complete absence of nails during construction. The components for building the palace are simple and affordable, but the technology is lost.

The ornate stained-glass windows in Venetian glass windows, the full painting, starting from the walls and ending with the ceiling, did not lose its clarity and durability over the centuries. A wonderful garden was once located near the palace, and now there are only a couple of trees near the entrance.

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