The Main Tourist Places Of Burundi And Austria

The Main Tourist Places Of Burundi

Karera Waterfalls 

The Karera River, falling from a cliff 80 meters high, is divided into four powerful and beautiful waterfalls. The river flows through the reserve, where the fountains that form the lakes are located. Since ancient times, the entire territory of Karera Falls has been considered sacred, and the impenetrable rainforest has become home to many rare birds.

Travelers are invited to stroll among exotic trees, see rare specimens of birds with unique plumage, and if you use the services of guides, you can get to the source of the Nile River. This is the most interesting place in Africa, which attracts ecotourists. Climbers will be interested in climbing into the cave with a font, and hiking trails along the waterfalls are designed for any degree of physical fitness.

German Gorge 

In the east of the country there is a colorful gorge, formed relatively recently, but already occupying an area of ​​600 hectares. The German gorge began to be called after the German colonists built their fort on a plateau, the ruins of which are still a historical monument. An impressive view from the top of the cliffs attracts poets and artists to Burundi who seek inspiration.

Forests and rivers in the gorge add a special charm, and the abundance of hiking trails will delight walkers. In some designated areas fishing is permitted. In the gorge, nature itself created a unique climate, thanks to which a unique biodiversity was formed.

Ruvubu National Park

The park occupies a vast area, located on the banks of the river of the same name – this is the largest environmental protection zone in the country. The park is home to many vibrant birds that can only be found in Ruvuba. Wild animals, unique plants and amazing flowers –

The traveler expects something new and exciting literally at every step! Thanks to the active actions of the authorities, populations of buffaloes, snakes, lions, antelopes and many other animals are preserved. For those wishing to plunge into the wild world of nature, campsites and tourist recreation areas are equipped on the territory of the Ruvubu National Park.

The Main Tourist Places Of Austria


The city is full of sights and interesting places to see which – one vacation is not enough! The palaces and palace complexes of Vienna are examples of beauty and luxury. We recommend taking a ride along the tram tracks laid along the Ringstrasse and evaluate the plan of the monarch Franz Joseph I. Tower of Lunatics – a museum of pathological anatomy, forcing each visitor to test their nerves for strength. Vienna Forest – a recognized biosphere reserve. Vienna is inextricably linked with the life and work of such musical geniuses as Mozart, Haydn, Schubert.


A colorful town, with a leisurely lifestyle of local inhabitants and interesting architecture. Innsbruck Tower – a city tower, as if copied from a book of fairy tales. Innsbruck has a golden roof. Yes, the real one – at what a respectable age (about 600 years). It is worth visiting the museums and temples of the city to join the history and make out unique architectural styles. Hofburg Palace is a former imperial palace, built in the Gothic style. The Nordkette cable car stretching to the top of Hafelekar Mountain will take tourists to the observation deck with amazing views.


The city is filled with palaces and palace complexes, which creates the feeling of a stopped time. The Helbrunn Palace Complex is a unique complex of beauty, which includes two palaces and two theaters with an adjacent park. Hohenverfen Castle boasts a wonderful viewing platform. Hohensalzburg Castle is an ancient fortress that retained the main features of the departed generations of the Austrian nobility. Cathedrals and temples are also recommended for visiting.

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